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  • Crystal Quartz Pyramid comes with a red holding rope and Nature of Sound carry bag. These Crystal Quartz pyramids are made of more than 99.99 percent pure quartz crystal and they are truly exquisite and beautiful.
  • The Pyramid is simple to use by gently tapping with a mallet 3 times to emit the sound therapeutic vibration and turn at the rope to create a different vibrational sound.
  • The mysterious and magical crystal singing pyramid can be used for sound therapy, chakra work, energy activation and clearing spaces and coming in and out of meditation and ritual. You can use the Crystal Singing Pyramid with Reiki, Chiropractic, Massage, Healing Techniques, Music Therapy, Yoga, to name a few.
  • These singing pyramids have characteristics and healing properties like singing bowls and gongs, but with a distinct feel – they have a noticeably higher vibration and lighter resonance than crystal singing bowls.

Crystal Quartz Pyramid 12" + carry bag

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