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2 Set Crystal Singing Bowls (Aphrodite Goddess)

This beautiful set includes 2 Crystal Singing Bowls (Sacral 11”, D note, Third
Eye Chakra 7”, A note). This set produces a perfect 5 th Interval which is uplifting,
happy, healing, peaceful- a ‘sonic cuddle’, anti-depressant, known as the most
harmonious interval.

The related notes and details are:
    •    Sacral Chakra – 11" bowl, D note
Third Eye Chakra – 7" bowl, A note
For easy identification, each bowl has the chakra symbol with the relevant
note printed inside.

What's included:
    •    Set of 2 white crystal singing bowls
    •    3 o-rings (for the bowls to sit on)
    •    2 mallets

We recommend purchasing the carry bag with your bowls to keep your bowls safe at
home or on your travels.

2 Set Crystal Singing Bowls (Aphrodite Goddess)

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