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The Nature of Sound


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Clear and realign with our beautiful crystal singing bowls tuned to the harmonic
intonation of nature at 432hz. 

The bowls are made from 99.999% quartz crystals and tuned to the perfect pitch to
work with each chakra or energy centre. Our classic frosted crystal singing bowls
create an amazing ritual of wellness to bring into your life.

They can be used therapeutically as a healing tool, to clear energy in any space, for
their powerful crystal healing qualities, and to beautify your work or home space.
The crushed quartz is heated to a very high temperature and once set, they are
tested to determine the musical note. Each note resonates with a different chakra of
the body to promote clearing and healing in that energy centre.

Quartz crystal produces pure tone. The cells of the human body have a natural
geometrical relationship to the structure of clear quartz. The sound produced affects
the body and brain and allows consciousness to travel into altered states of
awareness, making it perfect for use in meditation. The repetitive motion of running
the striker around the bowl to create music is wonderful for mindfulness. The
resonance will allow consciousness to expand and create peace and harmony

Each crystal bowl package includes a mallet and rubber ring for under the bow. If
you wish to travel with your bowls, you can purchase a heavy duty carry case for
ease of transport.

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1:1 Acutonics and sound therapy sessions or Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

Come and experience the pure heavenly magic of Acutonics sound medicine. Precision
calibrated tuning forks tuned to the orbital properties of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Planets
are activated and applied to the body.


The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deep into the cells through our water, affecting human physiology and reaching places not easily accessed by traditional medicine. Acupuncture points provide non-invasive access into the core energetic systems within the body. The planets provide musical intervals, archetypes, and correspondences that help us to fine-tune the therapeutic frequency that is applied to promote inner harmony. Additional tools such as Planetary Gongs,  Handchimes & Crystals.

Tibetan bowls and other shamanic sound healing tools are included. You can work on  specific ailment, condition or life transition or simply come to relax and re-calibrate.
Mae can offer support around sound tools for birth and specializes in womb healing and pelvic health
for women. Session contains an initial consultation.

What is Kahuna Massage?

As a holistic bodywork, Kahuna massage eliminates energy blockages in the body to allow life to flow freely throughout the mind, body and spirit. It involves long, flowing strokes that reconnect the individual to the core of their being and restore balance to their life.

There are two important aspects of Kahuna massage that set it apart from other types of massage therapy:

  1. It is very rhythmic and vigorous. The practitioner uses their hands, elbows, fingers and even their forearms as they rhythmically move around the table. The people who have experienced lomi lomi before often said that the rhythmic motions alone already have a deeply relaxing effect that is different from the muscle relaxation coming from conventional massages.

  2. In Kahuna massage, the practitioner's intention and focus is of paramount importance. They are trained to be focused totally on their client with an attitude of compassion and love, which is the essence of the "aloha" spirit that is sacred to the Hawaiian people.

The Kahuna massage is a holistic natural therapy that is designed to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Before 

The rhythmic "hula" style movements of the practitioner as they "dance" around the table are also meant to create a harmony between the practitioner and the client. Each Kahuna Massage contains sound tools to help help the body balance and integrate through the session.

60 mins - $115
90 mins - $155

Offerings & Services

Birthing with Sound

$800 Investment

Birthing With Sound is the modality that weaves together the sounds and vibrations of vocal toning and crystal singing bowls. Inviting this modality into your sacred birthing space creates a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere to birth in. It also creates the most inviting environment for your baby to be born into.


Investment Includes

Two in-person visits to practice the Birthing With Sound techniques.
(Breathwork, vocal toning & how to play the crystal singing bowl of your choice)

One virtual meeting to answer any final questions you may have before your birth.

Rental of one crystal singing bowl of your choice to use during your birth.
*Does not include doula support.* 



​​What is vocal toning?
Vocal toning is when you take in a nice big deep breath and slowly exhale your breath while making a low vibrational sound. 

What are the benefits of vocal toning?

Release of hormones... Vocal toning helps to release an abundance of all those amazing birthing hormones... Oxytocin, Endorphins and Serotonin.

Increased oxygen levels... Vocal toning helps to increase the length and depth of our breath, allowing an increase of oxygen to you and your baby. When taking in a new breath, and slowly letting it go with a low vibratory tone, your body and your baby are more able to take in that oxygen, allowing for better circulation. By aligning with this pattern of breath, it releases anxiety and creates a safe space for you and baby. While there is no right or wrong way to breathe during labor, it is important not to hold the breath as this creates more tension in the body and increases the sensation of pain.

Naturally manage pain... Vocal toning can help to ease our fears, and the sensation of pain and discomfort during labor. By openly making low vibratory sounds during contractions, you are more able to release and let go of fear and pain. Fear and pain can cause anxiety and stress during labor, effecting our pelvic region and the dilation of the cervix, and can potentially slow down the progress of labor. Vocal toning during labor leaves no room for self doubt, anxiety or fear as you focus on the sounds, and move more deeply within yourself.

Relaxation... Vocal toning releases sound vibrations throughout the body. Sound Therapy is commonly used as an alternative healing process which effects the body on a cellular level. It relaxes the muscles by releasing tension from the body, improving circulation and maximizing energy flow within the body. The relaxation that sound brings allows the cervix to open more freely and the baby to descend with ease. 

What are the benefits of using a crystal singing bowl during birth?
​Presence... The presence of the crystal singing bowl alone naturally creates a very peaceful and zen-like space. While the crystal singing bowl is amazing in any birthing space, I have personally found it to be most helpful in a hospital setting because it easily filters out other sounds such as doors opening and closing, the beeping of machines, staff talking amongst themselves and other close by birthing parents.

Sound... The sound of the crystal singing bowl starts at the beginning of each of contraction, and allows the birthing person to focus on the sound of the bowl and their voice instead of focusing on any pain or discomfort they might otherwise be focusing on.

Partner support... Sometimes, partners are unsure of what they can do to help during the laboring person's contractions. Bringing a crystal singing bowl into the birthing space allows for collaborative partner support and promotes a more enjoyable birth experience for both the birthing person and their partner.

Your baby's birth... Close your eyes, and ​imagine what it would be like for your baby to be born hearing the sounds of beeping machinery, doors opening and closing, hospital staff talking amongst themselves while simultaneously telling you to "PUSH", and you are hearing and feeling all of this energy while bringing your baby into this world. Now, imagine what it would be like for your baby to be born hearing the sounds of your calm & peaceful voice, and the magical sound of the crystal singing bowl as they take their first breath. Which birth scenario do you desire most for your baby? 

I am not a good singer. Can I vocal tone? Is Birthing With Sound right for me? 
Yes, you can absolutely vocal tone... and yes, Birthing With Sound is right for you if you want it to be! Vocal toning differs from singing or chanting, in that it has neither melody nor words. Vocal toning is not music, but it is one of the bare-boned, unadorned elements of music. Anyone can do it... even you!

How will I learn how to vocal tone and feel confident incorporating it into my birth plan?
Once you have decided that you want to incorporate Birthing With Sound into your birth plan, we will have two in-person visits to practice the breath work, vocal toning and practice playing your very own crystal singing bowl.

Where do I get a crystal singing bowl?
The crystal singing bowl of your choice is included in the Birthing With Sound service price! At our first in-person prenatal visit, I will bring two brand new crystal singing bowls with me, and together we will establish which of the two crystal singing bowls work best with your vocal capabilities. Once the bowl of your choice is established, the bowl will be left in your care at our 2nd visit (which typically takes place right around 38wks), until after your birth.

About Mae

The Facilitator


Mae is a Sonic Artist, Coach and Program Facilitator. Valuing wildness and safety, she
creates spaces where people can connect deeply to themselves and remember their
greatness and unique powerful gifts. Mae discovered the healing power of sound over 8
years ago during her Kundalini Yoga teacher training. Since then, she has pursued her
passion for sound healing, seeking knowledge through study with Acutonics Australia,
Master Gong Player Don Conreaux, and The British Academy of Sound Therapy. The use of
a crystal singing bowl during the water birth of her second son ignited her passion to share
the potential of these powerful tools for players and listeners alike. Mae creates professional
but playful spaces, where the healing arts meet science and wellness.


You can join her in person for Level 1 and 2 crystal sound therapy training, group therapeutic sound baths, individual sound therapy sessions, NDIS sessions and shop by-appointment in her home sound templespace.

The pocast


" Mae is very caring and professional, and I'm so glad I met her! She helped me to relax more into myself, and I learned a lot from her as well. It was definitely an amazing experience I will do again!"

Elizabeth, Central Coast, NSW


"I had such a beautiful, warm and calming experience with Mae. The minute I arrived I felt incredibly comfortable. The sound healing was amazing and I walked out feeling lighter and so relaxed. Highly recommend this experience with Mae".


Alana, Cairns


"A session with Mae was something that have really open up my world to new possibilities and allowed me to start letting go some of the programming which I was operating through my whole life. I felt comfortable and safe from the moment I stepped in to Mae’s beautiful space. She is a gorgeous, gentle yet a powerful soul and I am so grateful for the work that she is doing".


Ivy, Cairns

"I’ve been attending the ‘Women who run with the Wolves’ study group run by Mae for a couple of months now. I’m thoroughly enjoying the weekly sessions!

Mae brings a freshness of energy and creates a calm, grounded and held space. She tailors each week (as appropriate) with embodiment exercises, sound healing and creativity to bring to life the stories we are studying.

She is a skilful facilitator, teacher and a beautiful soul. I highly recommend you attend a workshop or healing session!".


- Alexsandra, Cairns.

“Mae has created the most beautiful introduction to crystal sound therapy with this Level 1 workshop. Mae not only shared her extensive knowledge with us but also her passion and life experiences around crystal sound therapy. There was a stunning balance of ‘hands on’ playing of the bowls as well as the science around the therapy. I’m excited to be on this Crystal Sound Therapy Journey”.


- Helen, Cairns


“What a wonderful morning. A beautiful way to spend 3 hrs connecting with my body, inner self and a group of beautiful souls. I liked the way you broke up the session with practical practice with the bowls, the slideshow to explain the science behind sounds and the videos were great for visual learners. I will be recommending to friends and will be back for more. Can’t wait to get bowls and start practicing at home”. -Bec Yorkeys

I was so enjoyed the morning workshop with the natural flow of education and embodiment experience. Very well rounded. Mae’s passion and expertise is contagious, and her program is of high integrity. Thank you, Mae, for a wonderful experience”.


- Grace Geiger 71yrs

“Content was great, delivery was engaging, set up amazing, knowledge was next level. Experience enlightening. I felt safe, held, and nurtured. Your passion and quirks all fed into a great experience”.

-Louise, Mission Beach



What is a crystal singing bowl?
Crystal singing bowls are made from quartz crystal – crushed and heated at very high
temperatures in a mould to then become a singing bowl. The outcome is the incredible
powers of crystal and sound united in one tool.

What are crystal bowls used for?
Not only are crystal singing bowls beautiful to look at and listen to, but they are used in
many different applications for sound healing and meditation.
Crystal singing bowls are used by experienced practitioners in yoga, meditation, reiki, sound
healing and more.

Crystal singing bowls can provide many benefits:
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Relieve physical pain
• Improve mental and emotional clarity
• Balance chakras

What is your exchange policy?
We do not accept returns or exchanges. For manufacturer defects, we offer exchanges
within 7 days of receipt of goods.

Note: To be eligible for an exchange, you must provide proof of purchase from our website and
the item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in
the original packaging. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for
exchanging your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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